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Why we chose to stay: Mechelin Hodge

What is your background ?

I was never really was into school like that. I was always focused on learning things myself because it would go faster and it would be cheaper. However, what I did Marketing Communications and also ICT and i’m also learning E-Commerce at the moment, everything to do with internet and marketing.

What do you find the biggest reason is that people do not return to Sint Maarten?

The biggest thing is blocks.For example opportunities for work, when you reach there and you qualified then they tell you that you are overqualified and you cannot find somewhere to live quickly enough that is affordable . And let’s say if you want to buy something to eat, like oranges, it costs way too much money.I truly think it’s toooo expensive to live on St.Maarten, on a minimum wage.


And when you say blocks, what are you referring to exactly?

Let’s say if you want to get a job somewhere, if you qualify for something and you have something in mind, let’s say politics or the tax office or whatever. If you are not familiar with people that are working there, or they don’t know you or they don’t like you, then you cannot get the job. Vriendjes politiek.  

What do you want to focus on while in UPG?/ What goals have you made for yourself in UPG?

While in UPG? To be honest, focus on how to help St.Maarten out of the rut that they are in because  it looks pretty small what the island is going through but in the end, it could cost them their lives , if we don’t do something.

Is that also inline with your goal? Is your focus your goal? Or do you have 2 different goals?

I have 2 different goals.. My goals are helping my parents survive in St.Maarten and to be able to do that I have to find a way to help St.Maarten people in general to survive.there. My parents don’t want to leave then I have to make sure St.Maarten is going good.

Would you say your focus and your goal are 2 different things?

No. Same goal but two different actions to get to the same goal.

How do you think your background will  help you to accomplish the goals that you have  set out for yourself in UPG?

My background is Communications and with regards to that, I would say that with my empathy, ability to empathize with people and help them with what they want to do to become happy people.

What do you want others to know about UPG, if someone where to ask you?

I would want them to know is that UPG is not here for only the money or something. We basically want to help St.Maarten get to where it can be. Because at the moment we’re just going downwards and I want to go up. Just want the people of St.Maarten to prosper. Because right now they are getting a bit desperate.

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