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What makes a good product – Part 2 of 2

In the previous article, we discussed what we could do to help our islands improve their “weak” points and enhance their strengths.

We’ll continue this article by focussing on investing your time and determining the true product.

Second point: Invest time

Invest time in understanding how unique your situation of being a local living abroad is. You can see the island as a tourist, but it goes deeper; you are a local living abroad and want your island to succeed. 

What you will need to accept is that there are things that you envision for your island, and the reality is, no one ever thought of it. But if they did and never got the ball rolling, if you don’t do it, it will never happen. This is a good thing, though. People who are on the islands have their own challenges. They might have had the same idea, but because of local situations, they might have different priorities. It’s essential to understand this, because your island wants and needs you to help it progress.

You have lived in the Netherlands (or another country), that’s why you think differently. You tend to see things from an international perspective. You will also notice that when you communicate with people on your island, they talk about local subjects. The islands need both aspects to go forward. For us, who are living in the Netherlands, we should look for ways to apply our international experience to local matters. To add to this, finding ways to help out our islands from the Netherlands, helps you to create a network and relationships with people who can get you a job and help you return home.

Third point: You are a product

So, you know what makes a person a “good product”. This also means that you can ask yourself “Why would I buy this product?” and answer it honestly. You have to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and get to know yourself. List your strong points. List the things that you want to improve about yourself and then go out and do something with them.
Some things you will be able to do on your own and other things you will need help with. Having an inventory of what you are good at and what needs to be improved will help you make decisions that match who you are. Having a personal opinion of what is a “good product” will help you meet the people that match you. You will either understand what makes the product that their company is selling is good, or you will know what needs to be done to improve it. In both cases, you will be able to stand behind your decision and understand why you are doing what you are doing. 

Some of us have settled with living in the Netherlands, which makes wanting to go back home a big decision. The financial consequences of doing so also play a significant role. You need to find work at a company that you can rely on, especially during your settling period when you return home. So understanding good products allows you not to underestimate what a good company is. Companies who don’t have a good product fail.

But how do you know if the product isn’t “good”?

First of all, if the employees don’t believe in what the company is doing, you can bet that customers won’t find the product good. Some companies sell products just to make money; they don’t care about the person buying the product. These are the companies that you want to avoid. How will you know if a company is this way? 

You can tell by the way how people talk about it. If one person says something bad about a company, it can be due to a personal situation, but when groups begin to say the same things, then you know something is wrong. 

Businesses that have a good product make it! These companies have employees that believe in the product that they are creating. The products that these companies create deal with the customer’s needs. These companies make money while helping people, rather than abusing them.

To reiterate, those who have experienced living in the Netherlands see many things that can improve on the island. “To get it done, you need to just do it”.

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