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What makes a good company?


As locals of the Dutch Caribbean, living abroad, one of the main goals of UPG is to deliver acquired knowledge and improvements to the islands. There are many ways to do so but what we have noticed is that the best way to accomplish this is by working together with others. So for the year 2019, we plan to develop ourselves by understanding what is needed to work together. We want to understand what makes a company successful and then do what is necessary to do so.

Some people own and manage companies, and others work for them. What both have in common is that they both want to see the results of their efforts. Employees want to be part of a fun and positive environment, where what they say and feel matters.

A company is not only about a product or a service. Great companies have a positive culture. They create an environment where they can focus on and invest in their most valuable assets: their employees.

Company culture

A company’s culture is its personality. It is the environment in which employees work. This can be a fun environment. It can be a harsh environment. It can be a chaotic or well-organised environment. It can be many things. One thing is certain, employees enjoy working in a company that has a positive culture and atmosphere. Companies who invest in creating a positive work atmosphere are often the most successful.  What are the signs of a positive atmosphere?


Good Communication

A positive atmosphere begins with good communication. Employees should feel like they can voice their opinion without fear of retribution. They should feel safe when approaching colleagues, as well as members of management. Good communication doesn’t happen on its own. For this to happen, interpersonal communication is vital. It may sound old fashioned, but face-to-face interaction is the best way to find out about someone’s interests and goals.

Investing in employees

Good companies invest in their team, helping them grow. To do so, companies must know what drives their employees and what motivates them to excel. Most importantly, companies should help employees find their strengths. Employees are people, and the success of your company depends on them.

When companies help employees find their strengths, they become more confident in themselves and their personal goals. So, it is beneficial for them to invest in their employees by accepting and implementing employee feedback.

Listening to employees shows appreciation

It takes a lot of courage to speak your mind. Most employees only make an effort to give feedback when they care about and are committed to the company. The decision makers (management) should be approachable. Also, companies should be creative in how they create an environment where employees can speak freely.  

Helping employees transform their ideas into reality

Only listening to employee feedback isn’t enough. Companies should help bring these ideas to fruition because it shows that they trust and are confident in their opinion and are willing to invest time and money into their ideas.

A sense of humor

Last but not least, it should be fun to work for a company. All work and no play make people bored and looking for other opportunities. In most companies, management does a poor job at making sure that work is fun; this is better left to the employees.

A fun, healthy work environment is essential when it comes to creating a successful company. The most important thing that influences an employee is their motivation and happiness, and how productive and efficient they can be.

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