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What about the people of Sint Maarten?

Source: StMaartenNews.com

With the press reporting the troubles that the newly installed government may be facing, it continues to raise the question; will anything be done to help the locals of St.Maarten at all? If political instability does ensue, how can the road to recovery of a post-Irma St.Maarten take place? How can critical projects i.e. the local landfill, also known as “The Dump” be solved, where there are no more fire outbreaks, which are hazardous to the health?

Where do those who are newly in power find the time to bicker and disagree when the lives of so many are at stake?


With almost a year since hurricane Irma has passed, Sint Maarten needs a united government to be present, and operate as such, more than ever. Sint Maarten needs a government that will focus on what’s important, rather than upon the disagreements amongst themselves, whereas the saying goes, “Country before man”. Now is the time to see that being emulated by our government. Now is the time for them to tap into the unlimited resources have they: the young professionals that are willing to give back to their country, despite living abroad. There are locals abroad who are willing to help move the island forward as the world moves and are willing to bring St.Maarten into the future. All that is needed is support, open-mindedness, willingness to try and see, and courage to travel into the unknown. There are young professionals, such as ourselves (UPG), who have ideas on how to deal with the Dump issue: Operation Pelican.

The fear here is that no one wants to ask for help, and what intern ends up happening are the same results, the same people in power with different faces, who may possibly run the country into the ground. What we have seen so often is that if projects are carried out ourselves, then the bragging rights go to those who can say “we did it without anyone’s help!” At this point, it’s about something being done and tapping into the resources at their fingertips. Therefore, the question remains, “Where do those who are newly in power find the time to bicker and disagree when the lives of so many are at stake?”

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