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Welcome Hoseana Hicks!

A warm welcome to Hoseana Hicks, joining the Legal & Financial area of UPG, the Unleashed Potential Group, after a wonderful and energetic meeting in Rotterdam with Albert Brooks and Raimond Nicodem.

UPG is a team of young multi-disciplined pre- and post-graduates from the Dutch Caribbean Islands, mixed with seasoned and senior experience from the Netherlands, changing and improving the social economy of the island of St. Maarten from the inside-out.

Hoseana brings exciting qualitifations to the team and holds an interesting mix of knowledge and experience, like a Pre-Master Accountancy at Tilburg University, a BA Accountancy at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom and a BA Business Economics at INHolland University of Applied Sciences.

Hoseana did her traineeship Statutory Accounting / Controllership at ESE General Electric

With the addition of Hoseana, it will strengthen UPG in passionately, pooling personal strength together to jointly creating valuable things for the island.

Exciting times ahead! Welcome, Hoseana to our wonderful team!

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