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The value model will operate at best for the organizations, companies, institutes and individuals that are really stepping forward. It caters for a healthy balance in generating and buying value. Please click on the specific areas to view what we mean.

Value / operating model

Value / operating model

Learning by doing Knowledge & Expertise workshops In- and external communication Stakeholder management Targeting, prospecting and project preparation Crowd-funding On-island improvement projects Train the training people on the island Meetings with private sector Meetings with Government Meetings with Government bodies Meetings with NL Government Meetings with external auditors Large main stream turnarounds on the island Purple area Green area Knowledge & expertise base

Learning by doing

The Fundament

Learning by Doing is the fundamental element where the value build-up starts. It is the philosophy behind UPG as team. We have learned that most of our group members had an individual focus and have not been working in teams before.

Inducing the real, practical world
By working in this area, everybody, whether that is a pre- or post-graduate, a team member of a participating partner or a participating client, is learning how to work together to get the best out of all effort.

Emphasis on team building
Our emphasis is on teambuilding and team value and that is where we strongly aiming and training for. It is a constant process of acting and acting together.

Knowledge & Expertise workshops

Workshops are an essential basis
Workshops and interactive sessions are an essential basis of learning and to have quality input and output delivered. The most essential part is to give the workshops a strong and continuous basis, so that one workshop can strongly build onto the next ones.

Participation and spreading the load
The strength relies on the open participation we striving towards. We can be an expert speaker on a workshop conducted by one of our partners, organizations or foundations, or we can act as the organizator of a particular workshop. By this, the load on a particular organization can be spread, so that together we achieve more than everyone by itself.

Similar goals
The goals of each of the organizations are the same or very similar after all: improving the practical knowledge and expertise of individuals and improving the prosperity of the island as a whole.

Learning by doing

In- and external communication

Communication is important. It will tell the pre- and post graduates what is happening on both the overall and specific developments of UPG, so that they can merge in on those developments and immediately learn from it.

Community and interaction
Communication is also important to let the community know where we stand and what our activities with our partners and organizations will bring for the island. People can react of those developments and also bring ideas or adjustments to gain better results. It is the interaction that we are trying to stimulate as much as possible. Unity makes everybody strong.

Special attention
That is why we have special attention for in- and external communication. Everybody can learn from this process and at the same time we use it to the benefit of the group and the island

Learning by doing

Stakeholder management

Negetive effects if not dealth with it
Stakeholder management is a very important task in dealing with projects and activities. In this area the group members will be trained in the (political) influences that will have effect on each and every activity. The negative effects can be severe: slow down of projects or even dead stops. The positive thing is that with a good stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management, some of those barriers can be forseen, be dealth with or even be turned into positive forces for the activity or project.

In- or ouside an organization
Whether these influences are occurring within an organization or whether they are coming from the outside, properly dealing with those influences and powers will make a major difference in the abvility to reach goals.

We as a group will bump into those situations in any case. That is why we dedicate time and effort to handle those situations. Also here, the benefit has two positive sides: we all learn from it in actually going through those processes and we identify, recognize and manage these issues at the same time.

Learning by doing

Targeting, prospecting and project preparation


On-island improvement projects

Fundament of trust on the island

These are the projects we initially will be executing,based on our preparations in the green area. They will form the fundament on the island. With those projects we both will show that we in fact are executing ideas into result as well as building goodwill and trust on the island.

Interaction, prove and respect The improvement projects will lead to better interaction with the population, the private and public sector. It proves that we indead able to work with everybody and able to get results. This good interaction, prove and respect will be required to get into bigger improvements and turnarounds.

Train the training people on the island

Eventually, we would like to have people of the island that will train the population further on the numerous subjects. We call this "Train the training poeple on the island"

Some form of certification
This training is based on all the value and ideas developed in the green area, along with experience taken from impelmentations in the purple area. That is why it is important to have this training be based on a solid basis with a single intepretation.

Spreading applied knowledge will increase local value
With more and more people stepping forward and picking up their development and the development of their areas, this will start boosting the social-economic environment.


Meetings with private sector

Meetings with Government

Meetings with Government bodies

Meetings with NL Government

Meetings with external auditors

Large main stream turnarounds on the island

Purple area

Purple is the value benefitting area
The purple area is were all the on-island execution on activities, projects, programs and turnarounds will occur. Companies, organizations and government bodies can “purchase” value generated from the green area, like qualified leads, targeted projects, eased-out sales cycles, etc.

Picking up the value to turn in into real benefits
It is the area is where the generated value from the green area is transposed to activities, projects, and programs. The partners having facilitated in the green area can pick up those activities and projects and start executing them. The parties in the purple area can benefit from those activities and projects by “paying” the value which is arising from the green area.

Green area

Green is the value generating area
The green area consists of the Fundament and the Preparations. This is the “fuel” of the value which is building up. We called it the Think Tank. It is the area in which all the fundament and all professional preparation will be performed. Everything will be performed off-island to prevent slow down of the paste.

Immediate benefits
Companies, organizations and government bodies can input value to the green area (sitting down with the core team on input, qualified leads, targeted projects, etc. People and companies which facilitate in the green area can recoup immediate benefits in the purple area.

Building blocks
Preparation are the building blocks where we pick up on ideas and activities. E.g. we look what is needed in terms of knowledge and expertise to frame those ideas and activities efficiently and effectively. Working together and working together with our partners will have a mutual benefit.

Knowledge & expertise base

Unveiling free knowledge and expertise
Creating and maintaining a improvement change process will require knowledge and expertise. It specifically requires not only theoretical knowledge, but also applied knowledge - how does things work in this specific environment. Typically this is scarce and expensive to lay hands on at the island.

Same language, same intepretations
We will build up a knowledge base which is going to be open to the public. This stimulates also that people are speaking the same language and using the same intepretations. We will explain business models, both widely used and of our own.

Easy to understand
We do not like difficult language ourselves. Buzz words, hard to understand context and semantics are used too often. This makes things difficult to understand and to deal with. We will use easy language, easy to understand examples, etc. to make everybodies life easier while applying professional methods

Learning by doing