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General context

We wish to teach others that money is not the driving force of the economy. It is a reward of having added major value to something or somebody.


  • Effectively teach people, by talking, planning and performing that something can be generated
  • It is as setting up a business without having money.
  • From the big picture, we have to be smart and to act smart. That is something where we are good at.
  • Money has to be generated from the good ideas we have worked out and be used to get things going locally that will: generate a healthy flow of money by the activity related from the worked out ideas, etc.
  • We want to stimulate people to take on our enthusiasm and passion. To stand up and pick up things locally themselves.
  • Those people should be getting the credit.
  • We want to be named as the inventors and the simulators of intrinsic values.


  • We do not want any company to act as a venture capital body to finance startups, get things going, etc.
  • Reason is that we do not want people to see us rattling the money bag and to get a possible source they can tap from. Rattling the money bag makes people lazy.
  • We do not want to employ people in this initiative.