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Benefits - Unleashed Potential Group

We have been working on a clear benefit scheme for particular participants to show the value. What is in it for pre- and post-graduates, participating partners and benefiting organizations?

Young Professional

The purpose is to unleash potential through learning by doing:

  • You will collect appropriate and practical knowledge and expertise
  • Boosting your CV / Resume with practical, hands-on and applicable experience
  • Part of a social-economic, business generating mechanism
  • With the combination of gained experience, applied knowledge and business generation, become valuable for the island and partners on the island


Participating partner

With small efforts, large benefits can be gained:

  • You get high quality input (framed issue, defined project, project plan, timelines, business case, resource plan, etc.)
  • Lowering thresholds in descision making processes at prospects and clients
  • Collecting appropriate change knowledge and expertise during the process
  • Costs are restricted to your input, which is your time and related out of pocket expenses of your own
  • Mix your own staff with practically educated young experts bringing business potential
  • Rich tap into research capabilities (HBO / University students researching)


Benefiting organization

Organizations and companies can benefit from the generated value:

  • High quality, worked out plans can be obtained
  • Speed up decision processes by having worked out materials
  • Ability to increase the pace of doing business
  • Become more driving in the economy