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By removing money from the equation as the main determinant of executing a project, UPG works to prove that by relying less on dollars and cents, and more on value of the readily available resources present, will birth to real purpose, innovative and creative ideas to execute projects.

For UPG, career advancement through skill development is at the center of the young professionals, where they learn by doing, expanding their knowledge in different fields and challenged by new projects as well as doing their part to contribute the island from abroad to research and develop projects, upskilling the value that seem impossible to organizations and companies on the island.

Value model and operating model

The value model is the main cornerstone of UPGs operations. Separated into a preparation and benefit area, it can both work top down as bottom up.

Value and operating model
Value and operating model

Knowledge base

The purpose of this information is to take away any mysteries and explain the sometimes difficult language which is used and not frequently understand by the public.

UPG Knowledge base
UPG Knowledge base

Reverse migration issue students to SXM

Explanation of the interests, relations of the different domains and the explanation of the reverse migration issue

Reverse migration issue and solution