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UPG formally turns into Foundation

The Hague – April 20th, 2017

Unleashed Potential Group, the group of young professionals from the Dutch Caribbean Leewards islands, has being in existence since mid September 2016. The group was already professionally structured to be able to handle steep and fast growth. The turn to a Foundation has been the next and natural step in its development. As an official body UPG is able to operate even stronger by obtaining external financial power to reach its goals. Stichting Unleashed Potential Group (UPG) has official registration at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and is in the possession of RSIN#, Tax ID and a bank account. UPG has also filed for a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) status for tax-friendly obtainment of donations*.

The foundation is a non-profit organization, committed to providing young professionals coming from the islands of the Dutch-Caribbean, to teach practical work experience, training and coaching, in person or in teams to implement activities and projects, the socio-economic stimulus provide the aforementioned areas and to increase their personal value.

Board of Directors installed

As in every foundation, UPG has formed and installed a Board of Directors. The aim to form a Board which is formed by 66% of ladies from UPG’s target group of young professionals, has been filled by founder and Chairman Raimond Nicodem, Mechillen Hodge (Secretary) and Hoseana Hicks (Treasurer). This makes UPG stand out in the international aim to get more women into leading positions.

Mechillen Hodge – Board Secretary
Raimond Nicodem – Board Chairman
Hoseana Hicks – Board Treasurer

Structure Unleashed Potential Group

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by using:

  • “Learning by doing” in order to build practical experience and knowledge
  • Personally and / or jointly analyze factual issues in the aforementioned areas and mapping
  • Developing ideas
  • Developing action plans and project plans to carry out its activities and thus to solve real and practical problems
  • To grow the availability and applicable knowledge, both individually and collectively as in the aforementioned areas to facilitate the development and implementation of activities
  • The awareness of the fact that it’s not all about money, but that commitment, loyalty and good results as a basis for fair earning money




*If in a calendar year the sum of someone’s gifts to ANBI’s exceeds 1% of the threshold income, the excess, with a maximum of 10% of that income, is deductible income. Also the ANBI itself is exempted from inheritance tax and gift tax on inheritances and gifts it receives, except on those made under a condition such that it is not for public benefit.

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