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UPG brings hope on the St. Maarten Dump!

The effects of migrating – “Why we -young professionals- give back to where we come from”

UPG has been around for nearly three quarters of a year now. Our mission is to understand what effects migrating has on the person who migrates and also what can be done to stimulate reverse migration. We have chosen to focus on physical reverse migration as well as exporting knowledge to the island by working together with people from the island.

When people leave Sint Maarten they enter into a new society with new rules, with a different way of doing things. Many are not prepared for this transition. Focus is placed on getting an education or making money when that doesn’t help the person prepare for the transition. Something as simple as understanding that, in the Caribbean the temperature is warmer, so when someone migrates to the Netherlands which is a colder environment, this has an effect on their bodies and is often overlooked.

Ugly is in fact Beauty!

However when people migrate to the Netherlands they become aware of the difference in surroundings. They see Sint Maarten as a hot place where no one should want to live, because there is a big pond, there is a dump on fire, the electricity is horrible, the roads are horrible. Actually they are not. Actually it’s a wonderful place to be. Actually all the people are trying the best way they know how too. What we are considering UGLY is actually BEAUTY. It is the beauty of people who try as much as they can, with what they have to make a difference!

Young professionals need to understand that if on one day your main method of transport was a bus that stopped anywhere and now you can calculate the distance, time and speed to reach another location through a simple mobile device, that you are light years in the future. You think differently.

It is the fact that you know more that makes your history look ugly. But this is part of life. The more we know the more we are confronted with the ugliness of not knowing. Many people on Sint Maarten do not know what you know, so we consider them ugly. They are not ugly. They are beautiful. We all should feel proud and recognize that we are beautiful because of what we know. We also have to realise that we will have to find ways to help others know more because they feel they are ugly. They feel that they are being overlooked. They feel like no one cares because there is a pond, the dump is on fire, and the electricity doesn’t work well.

Change is necessary and it is a process

If we want to make a change. We have to understand that change is a proces. The process of change needs to be managed. Because knowing something is not enough. We know that there are many things that needs to be done. But we must also face the reality that we need to do something about it!

Because we learn by doing

Now that we are in the Netherlands or any other place in the world, we can see Sint Maarten for what it is. A beautiful island in the Caribbean where people are working everyday and trying their best to go forward. We can see it as the Friendly Island that it really is. We will outline what we are going to do to bring hope to Sint Maarten.

Outline to bring hope!

  • Physical Environment
  • People see themselves as beautiful when their environment changes.
  • Resolving the dump
  • Resolving the pond
  • Health care
  • Help people feel happy

Promotional Campaign

Bring awareness of how they will feel when the dump is resolved. We have to be wise with our approach. Being in the Netherlands allows us to recognize that the situation on the island is serious. For the people of the island it is important for them to see it as a solvable situation otherwise they will feel depressed. We should help them feel happy about the dump. Like things are moving in the right direction.

Educate the people of Sint Maarten that they can do something to solve the dump. The problem is not irreversible. It can be solved.

Angles that will have to be taken are:

  • The island will be beautiful without the dump
  • The island can make money by recycling
  • How beautiful it will be for people to start recycling
  • It gives people the ability to organise, pay and execute projects on a large enough scale to resolve the dump
  • Connect with people and companies on Sint Maarten, in the Netherlands or the world who are capable of resolving the dump.
  • Put a time frame of how long it will take for it be completed
  • How much time will it cost put a budget together
  • Connect with shareholders, also in government, to collect finances for the project
  • What kind of grants are available to support this exercise

For more information, please visit our project section on this project: www.unleashedpotentialgroup.com/projects/ or contact our project manager Ryan Fleming (FlemingR@upg.one)

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