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UPG adding a “Join team” button

Today UPG added a “Join team” button on the Contact page with an invitation to pre- and post graduates from the Dutch Caribbean to join the UPG initiative.

Responses to the invitation will be forwarded to Mr. Mel Lake, UPG’s Director of HR.


UPG - Join the team

Are you from the Dutch Caribbean islands? Do you plan to go back and would like to contribute to your community? Are you interested in contributing here in the Netherlands or back on the islands, or both?

A few fellow islanders have begun making a name for themselves here in the Netherlands. You know them because they have stood out from the crowd and from their peers!

Come, join up and network with other like-minded individuals who are also interested in making a difference! You will be energized with practical tips, motivated by projects, gain experience and make new connections in your network. Let not forget, leave with loads of inspiration from fellow Dutch Caribbean student just like you!

Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile in advance or send your Curriculum Vitae, and bring that positive attitude!


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