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Timers getting out of range

Since Irma devasted the island of Sint Maarten back in September of last year, we have been keeping timers running on the main page of our UPG website.

These timers are certainly not there for mere fun; they represent the time it takes, in a critical situation, to make the necessary steps to get the basics right, which aid in adequately rebuilding Sint Maarten.

Most of the timers adding days, minutes and seconds as we speak. Predominantly, they depict wasted time.

Only one timer counts down, which are the days, minutes and seconds left before hurricane season 2018 starts. The last timer stresses the urgency to take action. Taking action would cause the other timers stop. Unfortunately, these timers did not stop and are still counting.

The only counter which has now stopped is the one which displays the time remaining before hurricane season 2018 starts; time has officially run out, as of today.

 Let us, together, stop the other timers from counting. Let us stop wasting valuable time!

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