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Journey towards UPG

Some months ago, I attended a project management workshop that was being given for free. I recognized an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about a skill that is very sought after and an opportunity to network. While I was there, I listened, took notes, asked questions, and at the end, I tried my best to speak to as many people as possible and I left.

Opportunity for growth

Not too long after attending the workshop, the expert, Raimond Nicodem sent me a Facebook friend request, and every now and again he would like some of my content. Months later, I received a message. A lovely and polite Facebook message from Raimond inviting me to have a talk about a possible project. My feedback was requested in person, so I could be explained the background of the idea, the plans on paper so far, and my thoughts and future moves. This unexpected opportunity presented itself. It was an opportunity for growth for my professionally and I jumped!

Big Realizations!

What truly struck me throughout our conversation, was that Raimond remembered me. He remembered me, befriended me, observed me, researched me and then reached out to me for a project that I believe will be something that could be fantastic for my career and a cause that I truly care about.

I was enough

I felt like I was enough, and that someone is possible giving me a chance to gain some awesome real life business experience, to learn, to be a part of the mix that is essential.