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Introduction to UPG

I was introduced to this cause by Mel Lake, he explained to me and a friend of ours, Shaquille Peters that there was an individual who has an interest in helping the Dutch Caribbean Islands progress as an economy – that particular individual being Raimond Nicodem.

Lucrative relationship with passion

We set up a meeting and after our initial introductions, Raimond explained his ‘value model’ to us. After seeing his passion and concern for the future of the Caribbean islands, it was then I decided that this may be a lucrative relationship.

Because our future matters

The general idea for UPG is to uplift the people of the Dutch Caribbean and help them acquire the necessary experience to create an economy of well-informed professionals – that is something I can stand behind because I believe a smart economy is a strong economy and hailing from the Dutch Caribbean island of St.Maarten, I believe that the economy of SXM can use some revamping in order to prepare for the generational change that is about to happen.


I believe it is my duty as a native in St.Maarten to do my due diligence to try and assist this generational change.