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Workshop was the start

In 2016 I attended a project management workshop. Attending the workshop and hearing the explanation of project management sparked my interest. I was busy putting together a few projects and the amount of projects that I was working on began to become overwhelming.

I realized that the approach that I was using would yield results but it would take a significant amount of time.

With my method of doing things I was not able to do the things I wanted to do.
I thought there must be a better way to do this.

Contacted the expert

So on one day I reached out too the host of the project management workshop, Raimond Nicodem, and I asked if he would be able to advise me on what I can do to be able to handle the large amounts of projects I wanted to complete. I wanted to learn how to do things better. Raimond suggested that we make an appointment and we discuss the method of approach I was using.

It became clear to me that when I was approaching projects I did not take enough time to think on what is needed to complete them.

I also spent too much of time trying to work with people who do not share the same goals or passions that I have.


For me this was a Eureka moment. For it meant that it is possible to have the right idea and the ability to do things but if you use a method of approach that does not work you will be left empty-handed.

The most logical result was to do things differently.

I quickly realized that doing things differently is easier said than done. I was a bit surprised that I knew what is needed to do things differently but when it came to doing those things something hampered me from doing them.

Greater understanding

It became clear during the meetings that I had with Raimond that I was not the only one dealing with this situation.

This simple realization has given me a greater level of understanding why change doesn’t happen as fast as it can. It is a process. Understanding the different stages of change helps to give you insight in determining what is needed for change.

By working together with the team I wish to research this phenomena and share my results with the world so that we can take time to focus on a part of development that receives too little attention. If we understand the different stages of a project we will be equipped to determine:

  • where we are,
  • what has already been completed
  • and what else needs to be done.

Respect and value

This experience has also been teaching me that if you work with people, treat them with respect and accept them for who they are, working together becomes something wonderful. Working together with a highly motivated team can save you massive amounts of time and it also adds value to the end product.