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Board of Directors

Carlvin Brooks – Chairman of the Board
Mechellin Hodge – Secretary
Vacancy – Treasurer


Carlvin Brooks – Legal & Finance
Solange Wilson – Marketing & Communication Specialist
Jennifer Hodge
Jennifer Hodge – Health Care & Pharmacist assistant /  Customer Services Consultant
UPG - Mechellin Hodge - Customer Service Specialist & Graphic Artist
Mechellin Hodge – Computer Sciene & Technology / Marketing & Communications / Customer Service Specialist / Graphic Artist
Carlton Brooks – Communication Strategist

Supporters of UPG

UPG Supporters are former respected UPG members, who have (temporarily) stepped down and are no longer part of UPG. E.g. reasons can be tied up with a new study or work and subsequently will benefit less from UPG’s concept.

Each of these former members have offered their help to UPG at special request.

Raimond Nicodem
Raimond Nicodem – Founder & Turnaround Specialist
Hoseana Hicks – Accounting
Leslie Rogers – Marketing & Communication Specialist
Ryan Fleming – Civil Engineer
Brent Alie – Civil & Electrical Engineer
Eline van den Berg – Consultant
Jean Pierre Janvier – Hydraulics & Geotechnical Engineering