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A sneak preview of UPG’s NRP plan shows important elements

Nation building

  • Develop your own possibilities by constant education and commitment in order to achieve perfection
  • If everybody contributes by their own endeavors to create a better Sint Maarten, the sky is the limit
  • As Sint Maarten will be an investors paradise and a sustainable growth created by local entities, foreign investors and a facilitating government support, Sint Maarten will be the envy in the Caribbean and attract even more rich leisure seekers

Improve workforce

  • New sustainable jobs and beyond in innovative companies and educational facilities in order to comply with the demand of the industries in the 21st century
  • Multiplier effect of other new jobs in accordance with the growing development of Sint Maarten, subject to change according to the development of projects

Diversify economy

  • A new perception of the island’s economy
  • Make it a hub and duplication of Silicon Valley-like industries instead of only focusing on leisure and tourism
  • Due to developments in the cruising industry and the dynamics of people from the cruise ships, who are only using the facilities onboard and not staying on the island for more than one day, the tourist industry needs a complete overhaul in order to survive

The UPG National recovery Plan consists of many more important elements and can truly be qualified as a serious rebuild and reconstruction of the Sint Maarten economy and social welfare

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