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Reconstruction & Recovery Plan of Sint Maarten – Concept is there!

UPG - Reconstruction & Recovery Plan Sint MaartenThe integral development plan was already written way before hurricane Irma. Sint Maarten already required a big jump to a modernized and diversified economy and an increase in social wealth. Irma made obvious how important a serious and professional rebuild is to the prosperity of the island. The island’s vulnerability to hurricanes should be reduced.

UPG has the conceptual plan for the reconstruction and recovery ready as to how this can be done. The concept plan lays the foundation for a new and stronger Sint Maarten. A Sint Maarten where everyone benefits and not just a few. A Sint Maarten where the people of the island are the ones making the difference. A Sint Maarten that you want to be a part of. A Sint Maarten that makes you say “I from there”!

Improving possibilities to bring Sint Maarten into the 21st century by rebuilding and stimulating Sint Maartens economy

Together with all the young professional Sint Maarteners of UPG over the last months we have worked very hard on an integral development plan. Before Irma we had just sent the initial setup to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Sint Maarten as we wanted to work together from a Sint Maartens perspective. 

By and for Sint Maarteners

UPG - Reconstruction and Recovery Plan - Sint MaartenIn the past weeks the existing concept of the integral plan has been reworked by UPG with a focus to cope with the structural effects of Irma, which turned it to a comprehensive reconstruction and rebuild plan, right from the hearts of St. Maarteners to rebuild Sint Maarten by and for Sint Maarteners. We want to reach out to all Sint Maarteners who want to know what they can do to rebuild the economy, so that they can be ones who are standing in the front of the new Sint Maarten and their loved ones on the island can have hope and prosperity. 

All members of UPG have been working together for a year or more; mutual understanding and team strengths are key for overcoming the major complex issues like we have on our hands right now. Behind UPG resides a serious consortium of large specialist companies

Rebuild it properly now

This is not an opportunity composition after hurricane Irma. This plan has already been designed to develop Sint Maarten to the 21st century. The organization of the conceptual plan is professionally laid out, well though of by professionals and purposely designed to overcome the many opportunities as well as the barriers and road blocks on Sint Maarten


We have already been in contact with several members of the Island Government, Dutch Government, private enterprises as well as other organisations.

Phased approach

A global indication of the different phases in the plan and their interrelation to each other are clearly visible. The focus is on getting tangible results quickly. In this phase of the devastation of the island, it will be important to show successes; benefits which can be touched and felt. During the next phase of the plan, more insight will be obtained. The content of each phase might change as well as the inter relations and dependencies.

The plan is real, not fake. Sint Maarten has the one and only opportunity now to build itself as a clean, modern and sophisticated island, being the envy of the Caribbean: sustainable energy, food production, modern businesses, proper garbage processing and recycling, no dump in the middle of town,  education, opportunity centers and business innovation centers.

Symbolization of strong island mentality

The huge amount of debris after the inclination of hurricane Irma can be used to reclaim some land along with solving the sanitary landfill issue. This will create an important symbolic heritage of Irma’s `devastation bringing value to the Sint Maarteners

“The hurricane destroyed  almost everything on our island and we made positive use of it! This symbolizes our strong island mentality”


We are in direct communication with the Sint Maarten work group National Recovery Plan (NRP), who are, like us working tireless on the definite plan and report to the Council of Ministers.


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