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A recap and behind the scenes look into UPG

Modern and history meets

20161126_12535220161126_142505Over the weekend, UPG gathered for a day of promotional photos and filming. This included an impromptu history lesson about our location in Schiedam, a meeting to discuss issues on the island and more team bonding.

All of these events are for the purpose of branding and promoting UPG’s cause.

Location is key

20161126_14245420161126_14200020161126_142511The sponsored location of Saturday’s activities was the The Camel Windmill (Korenmolen De Kameel) in Schiedam. The location itself is home to Ledge Law Advocaten, where the host, Ernst Richel, lawyer from the practice and caretaker of the windmill warmly welcomed UPG.

20161126_143103Most of the UPG members have never been in an actual windmill and as a consequence we received a full history lesson by the mill’s caretaker, and were given a live demonstration of how a windmill operates.

The view from the top of the 17 meter windmill was absolutely exquisite and as the mill now houses a law practice, the modern meeting areas made it a great place to take our photos and film our videos.

Nutritious start of the day

20161126_15553320161126_12534220161126_150409The day began with some socializing and lux-sandwiches provided by the host of the location as the fresh and tasteful treats were from his social bakery (Zorgboerderij) The Blue Fence (Het Blauwe Hek).

Lights, Camera, Action

Soon thereafter, each UPG member had their star moment to have great professional photos taken by photographer and videographer, Alexander Nicodem.  


Each department was able take photos that best represent them and their department.

But the most special photos were the photos of the entire UPG family with the Rotterdam Skyline in the background, at the top of the windmill.

Skyline of Rotterdam

The most exciting and rewarding part of the day was filming both promotional videos. 20161126_155537One video turned into an actual UPG meeting, where the viewer will get to see how UPG works as unit, how we  interact with each other and our zeal and passion to bring change to the island of St.Maarten.  

In another video, the viewer will learn about UPG and its purpose from the different perspectives of its members. It’s a deeply up-close open and  personal look into the people that make UPG what it is.

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