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Cruise Conversion Program


Project put on hold as the Effort / Impact ratio is below sesible levels. To be discussed with SHTA 2nd half 2017.

sxm-cruise-terminalPosition of St. Maarten

St. Maarten is the 5th most important cruise port in the Caribbean and the 10th important cruise port world wide. During winter time – the high season – in some occasions six to nine ships with a capacity of 3.000 to 6.000 passengers are docked at the Cruise Terminal of St. Maarten at the same time.

St. Maarten has great difficulties in migrating the more than 2 milion visitors into increased number of stays or effective utilization of the accommodation on the island.


oasis-of-the-seas-st-maartenShips are bigger with better entertainment

As those ships are getting bigger and have a growing level and quality of entertainment on board, the spent per cruise passenger has decreased. At the same time, the access to cruises for the the general public has been increasing over time; it is not a type of vacation anymore which was restricted to the better incomes in the past.

Past initiatives not successful

In the past, many investments by the several governments have been made over time to turn this trend. These investments have not rendered into too much results to cover or to overcome the aforementioned issue.

There are many challenges ahead to turn this trend:

  • Better utilization of the stay accommodation on the island
  • Increase the number of visitors staying on the island
  • Better use of the cruise schedules ahead of time
  • Rebirth of St. Maarten as a holiday island
  • Project also related to Branding Program

Request to UPG

Look at this strategic issue and come up with a good analysis, foresight on the issues, an advice and plan how to further optimize with all of the parties involved on the island in the execution of the plan