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What makes a good company?

Posted by Solange Wilson on 16/04/2019

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  As locals of the Dutch Caribbean, living abroad, one of the main goals of UPG is to deliver acquired knowledge and improvements to the islands. There are many ways to do so but what we have noticed is that the best way to accomplish this is by working together with others. So for the year 2019, we plan to develop ourselves by understanding what is needed to work together. We want to understand what

New Supporter of UPG

Posted by Carlvin Brooks on 28/01/2019

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Due to becoming self employed, last week Jean-Pierre Janvier decided to go from a voluntary member to being a UPG supporter. UPG Supporters are former respected UPG members, who have (temporarily) stepped down and are no longer part of UPG. E.g. reasons can be tied up with a new study or work and subsequently will benefit less from UPG’s concept. Jean-Pierre Janvier have offered his help to UPG at special request.
Rotterdam,The Netherlands- On November 23rd, UPG attended the first Dutch Caribbean Student Congress at Erasmus University. The theme was “Elevate your mind, Elevate your potential”, a day consisting of a variety of workshops powered to give students useful tips, tricks and tools that will help them to successfully complete their degrees. These workshops took place during the morning and the main event, a series of inspiring and captivating speakers and presenters in the afternoon. The
What is your background? I have a background in law, more specifically financial law. For the last couple of years I have been working in financial services and most recently, about 6 months ago, I started working in the field of Anti-money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. What do you find is the biggest reason that people do not return to St. Maarten? They do not know where to start. When most students are finished with

Why we chose to stay: Jennifer Hodge

Posted by Solange Wilson on 20/11/2018

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What is your background?  I did MAVO and then HAVO and in both years I was Valedictorian. I didn’t really take studying seriously, I used to do enough to pass and then I came to Holland and I did Nursing in Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen, however, I did not complete that. I moved here to Rotterdam and now I’m working to become a Pharmacy assistant   What do you find the biggest reason is that