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Every day we have to deal with too many voices telling us that things are normal the way they are on the Dutch Caribbean Islands. Too many voices that say things cannot be changed because this is the way it is and this is how it has always been. You receive responses not to do anything or to take action, because what you are trying to do might be impossible- as if such a response makes you happy. It doesn’t! It
Mel Lake, Albert Brooks and Raimond Nicodem will meet in the course of next week on further deepening of the value model and pursue a number of business opportunities for UPG. With this a head start is given on the activities of the group, which is benefitting from a growing interest from the community.

Starting off UPG

Posted by Raimond Nicodem on 26/09/2016

Category: News
As of Monday, September 26th, 2016, the Unleashed Potential Group (www.unleashedpotentialgroup.com) will start its activities after months of preparation. Through this blog, we want to update you on our progress and further development, which will be an exciting experience.