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During September, the UPG team met with the Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten Michael Somersal, kicking-off a project that the Unleashed Potential Group Foundation is currently working on. The kick-off was held by The Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The founder of OCDLab Maheep Gupta facilitated it. This project is part of a platform that has recently been developed to facilitate cooperation between Sint Maarteners living on the island and living in the Netherlands.

What makes a good product – Part 2 of 2

Posted by Carlvin Brooks on  23/10/2019
Category: 2019, Blog, News
In the previous article, we discussed what we could do to help our islands improve their “weak” points and enhance their strengths. We’ll continue this article by focussing on investing your time and determining the true product. Second point: Invest time Invest time in understanding how unique your situation of being a local living abroad is. You can see the island as a tourist, but it goes deeper; you are a local living abroad and
Sint Maarten is a young country learning to stand on its own. The date that we celebrate as 10-10-10 gave us a new position of autonomy within the Dutch Kingdom. Sint Maarten now has a greater level of independence compared to the situation before 10-10-10. At the same time, this autonomy comes with new responsibilities. Now more than ever, Sint Maarten is seen as a major international player in the Caribbean. Although we as locals are

What makes a good product – Part 1 of 2

Posted by Carlvin Brooks on  22/08/2019
Category: 2019, Blog, News
Introduction At UPG, we believe that (young) professionals want to return home after they have completed their studies. But returning home and knowing what steps to take are two different things. As (young) professionals, you had to learn how to live your life in someone else’s country and get used to its culture. For some of you, when you look at where you came from, you have no idea how you will fit back in

What makes good ‘customer’ service?

Posted by Carlvin Brooks on  13/05/2019
Category: 2019, Blog, News
  Richard Branson once said, ‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers’. How often do we work for a company that has the opposite approach? Some companies think in reverse. These companies have sayings such as: “The customer is always right”. Companies define customers as people who purchase goods or services from them. Although the customer is important, the biggest mistake a company can make is to put

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