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St. Maarten – island specifics

Something is most of the times lacking at St. Maarten which hampers getting things really done. These issues are not new. This issue resides at least from the moment of independency in 2010 (and did exists prior to 2010 as well).

strong_elements_sxmThe basis is strong enough to fill in some of the fundamental elements. Those elements can certainly be used to pick up on those interactions together. What will be nicer than picking up a round table or summit result, have it worked out by our group to be handed back for further execution on the island.

This concept makes everybody stronger and more proactive on the island.


The lack of execution is typically masked by strong words, lacking decisions and explanations why something is not done.

In this initiative, we do not want to make the big and traditional mistake to start grumbling and murmuring over the impossibilities. This grumbling and murmering has made the situation on the island as it is right now and it is not getting any better!

We have to break through by joining up and turn it into a huge strength. Together

Remember, the focus is only on a extremely small part of the Caribbean. So, what we all want is feasible, possible, duable and executable

Three  important cornerstones to build on

weakness_downside_turnaroundThis will show how the typical behavior on the island whows up as a great weakness. If we will be able to overcome that by staying away from the emotions and getting things a little bit more rational, the turnaround will be extremely benefitial

There is a major important fundament required to turn this around in a successful way. That fundament does not require any money from anybody. It is very much cheaper than that.

main-fundament-of-successIt only requires respect to the other one.