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What if you could dream and your vision came true… Would you dream big enough to move mountains and accomplish the impossible? Would your dream hold the key to reveal secrets of medical mysteries and cures? Would your dream be the catalyst for world peace and unity? Would your dream provide a beacon of hope and leave a legacy of a better world? We strongly believe that respecting people and getting united brings strength. True social economic development starts within the community of the island, not somewhere outside. We will build onto the community to turn St. Maarten into a prosperous environment and that it will and can act as a role model within the Dutch Caribbean and beyond.

Our Mission

Mission Unleashed Potential Group Our mission is to work with people to create businesses that are profitable, focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and benefit the Dutch Caribbean.

Our Vision

Vision Unleashed Potential Group Our vision is to create the framework that people use to create a sustainable social and economic environment; we believe that by building a framework that is easy to follow, people will use it to plan and execute activities that benefits them personally while creating a sustainable social and economic environment in the Dutch Caribbean.


sxm_zoomThe people of St. Maarten only see the context of their own island for themselves: The island is their environment with all the issues, problems and challenges. All issues, problems, challenges, etc. have been looked at from this context. Quickly people will see “smart” and “persistence” as “untruthful” and “dangerous” and not feel it as motivation. We will explain and show the people of St. Maarten that the context is in fact relatively easy to deal with. We will show the people of St. Maarten the big picture and show them that there is hope and future for them and for the island.


The focus is acting from a big picture into a small area. This will be our leading principle. This is part of our stimulation to prove people getting things up and running on St. Maarten is at all possible caribbean_zoom_out We cannot change the whole world at once! A small area like St. Maarten is very duable. Let us start with that