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Mel Lake leaves UPG

We are pleased to announce a change in staff of UPG, the Unleashed Potential Group of enthusiastic pre- and postgraduates from the Windward island of St. Maarten.

Our Director of Public Affairs, Mel Lake, is going to leave UPG as of today. Mel has expressed interest in taking on a job in another organization, which might present a conflict of interest with UPG in his role of Director of Public Affairs Mel occupied in UPG. To avoid any misinterpretations, interest conflicts, appearance, etc., both UPG and Mel have decided with respect to end Mel’s membership of and activities in UPG. This allows Mel to proceed freely with his opportunities of interest for the near future.

Mel has enjoyed working with UPG over the course of the past months. Mel thanks UPG for the opportunity to have been of service to UPG. We wish Mel all the best proceeding his new opportunities.

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