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colored-question-marksWhy this initiative and this plan of action? What is the reasoning behind it? Where did it come from? And how do we tackle such an initiative to bring it to life as many, many others before us have been trying to do? Not much of those ideas came to life which is unfortunate.

All legitimate questions! Of course!

That is why!

Having looked at and observed the situation of the island of St. Maarten for many years, we saw the hampering of progress in the social economic development on the island. We saw the depopulation of students from the island and the lack of remigration of post-graduates. Obviously, that is not big news. But what is big news is that a mix of those post-graduates from universities, mixed with seasoned and senior business experience, jointly picked up on the idea to do something about that! So, there is some history behind all of this.

Especially motivated by the many people on the Dutch Caribbean islands and people coming from abroad, many of those people reconfirming that everything is difficult and things cannot be done, this group has stand up and took the challenge on themselves. Driven by passion, enthusiasm and excitement, they have no obligations to listen to the barriers, road blocks and other ‘cannot do’ expressions.

Everybody is in the same boat battling the same storms