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We simply start by ourselves. We will use our own “hunger” to learn. We will use our own eagerness to change. We will develop a strong mechanism to now finally change what everybody says cannot be changed. A mechanism that can awake new hope, respect, value and strength by everybody.

That is How we do this!

  • howStart a process called “Learning by Doing”.
  • Use the “Learning by Doing” as the fundament to form practical elements to build all preparations
  • Take real and factual issues on the island, jointly analyze and frame them
  • Develop an action plan to carry out activities to resolve the real and factual issues

We are establishing a growing group of people. People who want to join us in identifying activities and working out ideas and with their time and enthusiasm. Explore and tap into our growing network on the island to facilitate the growth in executable activities.

We are developing and setting up a framework to act as the main fundament and guideline for learning and getting economic and social improvements going on the island.

Show the community that together they are strong enough to get things going and improving. And especially make professional firms aware of the fact that it is not all about money and earning fees, but that dedication and good work deserves earning money.

Learning by Doing fundament

The ‘Learning by Doing” fundament and the practical building blocks, like workshops, in- and external communication, stakeholder management, targeting and prospecting the projects, will create a perpetual list of actions and immediate results:

  • Excellent, high quality and practiced training on the job for the ones in the group,
  • Tangible results for the beneficiary of the activity, which is always something or somebody on the island

Which route to take?

colored-question-marksHow we go about it to proceed forward effectively?

If we take the obvious routes, we will run into the roadblocks and step into the pitfalls to which most initiatives did not came to live

There are three options, on which two obvious ones already proved for years to be full of road blocks. It does not mean that those road blocks are totally unavoidable and not to be overcome, but it should not be standing in our way to think freely.

UPG - Miscellaneous routes to goal

First thinking of all the road blocks will slow us down and will let us stumble into the pits. As we are a-typical, let us not take the obvious path.