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UPG: Who we are

A group of multi-disciplined, young professionals from Sint Maarten. Passionate, full of energy, pooling personal strengths together and create value to the island in the broadest sense, to stimulate the return of Sint Maarteners to the island.

These are the people that make this dream work. Changing and improving the social economy of our island from the inside-out. Power to build togetherness and solidarity in the community of Sint Maarten. The true and best example how young and energetic people can make the difference in a complex environment.

What we saw

We saw the hampering of progress in the social economic development on the island. We saw the depopulation of students from the island and the lack of remigration of post-graduates. We saw that many initiatives that were brought forward by others did not materialize. Obviously, that is not big news. But what is big news is that we want to do something about that. This group has stood up and have taken the challenge on themselves!

What our goals are

Our goals are two-fold:

  • Delivering knowledge and quality improvements to our island
    Building the social-economic system to gain more prosperity
  • “Learning by doing”
    Taking issues from our island and gain extensive practical experience by working- and solving them

How we do achieve this

  • “Learning by doing” in order to build practical experience and knowledge
  • Personally and/or jointly analyze issues in the aforementioned areas
  • Developing ideas
  • Developing action plans and project plans to carry out its activities and thus to solve real and practical problems
  • Help to execute those plans, along with project management, tooling and project office services
  • To grow the availability and applicable knowledge, both individually and collectively as in the aforementioned areas to facilitate the development and implementation of activities
  • The awareness of the fact that it’s not all about money, but that commitment, loyalty and good results as a basis for fair earning money