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Happy St.Maarten’s Day from UPG!

To the country of St.Maarten and her natives abroad,

Unleashed Potential Group would like to wish you, a fun and safe St.Maarten’s Day celebration. Let us reflect on how far we have come in our journey and the steps needed in our further progression towards a brighter St.Maarten.

At UPG, we believe in change; both on an economic and social level. We see the potential not solely on St.Maarten but in the Dutch Caribbean. UPG focuses all of its efforts towards bringing this vision into fruition. We, as a people have to unite in order to bring St.Maarten to its full potential. As the familiar phrase goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, we believe “It takes the natives to uplift a country”. It is time we take pride in our country once more, it is time we start to uplift our country and bring it to new levels, It’s time we Unleash our Potential.

Happy St.Maarten’s Day!


The UPG Team

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