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The Dump – Can be solved!

Our article last week

Sanitary landfill – Right in the center of town

Last week UPG posted our article about the Dump or Sanitary Landfill of Sint Maarten.

We gave some insight in how this major issue can be used as an opportunity to show the the tourists, whom provide a large part of the income of the island, that we want a better and green Sint Maarten.

We briefly talked about a way to turn the sanitary landfill into a tourist attraction. Tourist can be part of the process of permanently addressing the dump. We have to think on different ways of moving forward. It is clear that how things are going has not had much effect. We have to look for
alternatives. While we are not in action we are missing out on economic opportunities. On the other hand
the moment we come into action and seriously start discussing and implementing solutions, this will have a tremendous effect on the island of Sint Maarten.

Opportunity instead of threat


In our first post we mentioned that we will start looking for proper solutions to permanently and professionally address the situation of waste management.

So, we picked up on that right away and last week we met with a professional international firm, who is specialized in turning large waste dumps back into nature, in a serious and professional manner.

It can be done! Also on St. Maarten!

professionally-covered-dump-foilprofessionally-covered-dump-shovelProper waste management is not something that only applies to Sint Maarten. All over the world people are finding ways to address waste management. The Philippines, India, Vietnam, the Netherlands etc. all of these locations have had to deal with the same situation that Sint Maarten has. In some cases their situation was worse than ours.

The Salt Pond should be cleaned and reversed into its heritage form. The beautiful historical salt beds, we can turn it into a clean lake with small sailboats, Sint Maarten’s own restaurants with local food and produce. This will create a healthy environment and it will also increase the value of our tourism product.

Professionally and responsibly enclosed dump – nature restored

And yes, it can be done. It is certainly not impossible, although the majority of the people of Sint Maarten will have a hard time believing this because the dump has always been there.

At least 3 generations of the population have grown up living with the dump and the pond and consider it as normal, when it is not.

This is why we are displaying the pictures of what was a waste dump of a large city that has the population size of Sint Maarten.

UPG wants to work with the dump management and other parties to reach a point that the dump issue can be picked up, worked out and permanently resolved.

Revamp the heritage

professionally-covered-dump-recreational-fishpondGreen, healthy land, restored from what was a unhealthy, open waste.

Fish ponds, nature reserves, restored birds and other wildlife.

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