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Commencing projects right away is really what it means at UPG

notes-raimond-20161116Wednesday November 16, 2016, the core team of UPG came together to discuss the first projects at hand.

The projects were formally handed to UPG days before by the Board and the Executive Director of the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA).

UPG formed a project team right away, which has its first meeting on two of the projects: Ryan Fleming, Solange Wilson, Leslie Rogers, Shaquille Peters, Raimond Nicodem, Albert Brooks and Mechillen Hodge met on the projects to start them right away

  • ryan-on-infrastructure-sxm-261116
    Ryan Fleming (Technical / Infrastructure)

    Cruise Conversion program
    To better utilizing and facilitating the cruise passengers along with increasing occupancy rate of hotels and restaurants over time on the island)

  • Branding program for St. Maarten
    Steeply increasing the awareness for St. Maarten in e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland to attract more visitors to the island.

These two projects will interrelate and interact with each other, therefore UPG will design a program structure for SHTA to get the most benefit out of the two projects together.

Structural process and integral look

Mechillen Hodge (Customer Management) & Albert Brooks (Finance)
Solange Wilson (Communication)

The group went through a structural process of looking at the playfield from two angles:

Identifying the issues which St. Maarten visitors will meet when coming off the cruise ships or entering the country by plane, along with the elements with either preventing or stimulating St. Maarten being a Friendly, Green island.

The multidisciplinary team safeguards an integral look at the issues and solutions.

Strategic framework

UPG is going to build a strategic framework were the issues to be solved and ideas to be validated and worked out will meet and can be validated for reaching the ultimate goals.

Shaquille Peters (Finance)

UPG received some materials from SHTA on the earlier Cruise Conversion initiatives on the island, which is going to be checked for purpose, and if so validated and updated before use.

Obtaining statistics of St. Maarten visitors, analysis of data and making trend analysis will create foresight in designing sustainable structures and solutions to the issues.

Atmosphere of the meeting

Leslie Rogers (Marketing & Communication) & Solange Wilson (Communication)


Like always, the atmosphere of this meeting was exiting, serious and full of energy.

This is the power of UPG: Teamwork, expertise, knowledge, open for learning, fun and passion!



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