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UPG warmly welcomes Emmielin A. Rombley

UPG - Emmielin A. Rombley
Emmielin A. Rombley

The Hague – Friday June 2nd, 2017

UPG is happy to announce Emmielin Rombley joins the Unleashed Potential Group Foundation (UPG). Emmielin brings a vast amount of experience, being an accountant and worked for more than 15 years with several international companies, learning various IFRS and Solvency II topics and advising their management with relevant changes.

Emmielin pursued a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, and engaged in several volunteer activities (Circuit Auditor of Holland Methodist Church, co-founder /chairman of the Sint Maarten / Dutch Caribbean Foundation ‘Qualichi Faces’, treasurer of ‘Stichting OCAN’).

As a “young professional” with a lot of experience, Emmielin sought a challenge to develop herself in a different type of organization than in a so-called “BIG-4” or an international company.

Emmielin: “When I approached UPG it was the intention of understanding their goals and vision in knowing what they want to achieve in Sint Maarten. I, myself do see the challenges of my island and wonder what it is that I can do”.

“I always believe in the potential of working with a group of individuals that share the same aspect of doing something for their island. My ambition in helping others by giving advice and consulting in efficiency is the reason why I joined UPG, in order to help those who are in need. It will not only be a great challenge for me but also for making a change that will affect an island that continues to grow while being surrounded in an ever-changing society”, according to Emmielin.

On behalf of the board and the entire team of UPG, I would like to warmly welcome Emmielin to our exiting team and support her in reaching her ambition to become a top level business consultant.

Raimond Nicodem
Chaiman of the Board


Jennifer Hodge strengthens UPG Customer Management division

Jennifer Hodge has joined UPG to strengthen the Customer Management division. 

From a young age, Jennifer has always been interested in preserving St. Maarten’s culture. She participated in debates and was an active member of a group of youth in the hopes of making a difference. She is studying to be a pharmacist’s assistant. Hobbies are in cooking, reading and writing short stories.

Jennifer will be an active member of the team, building and exploiting the abilities for UPG to assist organizations, companies and retail on betterment of their services to gain more loyalty and more income out of services and products.

Jennifer, a warm welcome to the exciting UPG team! Glad to have you on board!

Welcome Hoseana Hicks!

A warm welcome to Hoseana Hicks, joining the Legal & Financial area of UPG, the Unleashed Potential Group, after a wonderful and energetic meeting in Rotterdam with Albert Brooks and Raimond Nicodem.

UPG is a team of young multi-disciplined pre- and post-graduates from the Dutch Caribbean Islands, mixed with seasoned and senior experience from the Netherlands, changing and improving the social economy of the island of St. Maarten from the inside-out.

Hoseana brings exciting qualitifations to the team and holds an interesting mix of knowledge and experience, like a Pre-Master Accountancy at Tilburg University, a BA Accountancy at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom and a BA Business Economics at INHolland University of Applied Sciences.

Hoseana did her traineeship Statutory Accounting / Controllership at ESE General Electric

With the addition of Hoseana, it will strengthen UPG in passionately, pooling personal strength together to jointly creating valuable things for the island.

Exciting times ahead! Welcome, Hoseana to our wonderful team!

Welcome to Cheryll Bute

cheryll-buteUPG warmly welcomes Cheryll Bute to the team after a wonderful and exiting meeting in Amsterdam, along with Mel Lake, Albert Brooks, Shaquille Peters and Raimond Nicodem.

Cheryll masters International and European Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam, after obtaining her BSc/LLB  International Business, Trade and Tax Law at the same University. She works at IFAA Accounts & Belastingadviseurs.

Cheryll will be part of the Legal & Financial team of UPG and brings vast knowledge, cheer and quality to the team.

Welcome Cheryll, on behalf of the whole UPG team!

New team member UPG – Mechillen Hodge

meeting-albert-mechillen-raimondYesterday, Thursday, October 27, both Albert Brooks and Raimond Nicodem of UPG welcomed a new team member during an exiting and energetic meeting at the Wilskracht Café in Rotterdam.

Mechillen Hodge, specialist in Sales and Customer Services and having a ICT background, currently works as Sales and Customer Services representative at Eneco, and has work experience within a number of interesting companies, like Webhelp, Teleperformance Netherlands, Kadel Advertising & Marketing 2009, Vodafone Maastricht and the Wolfert Dalton High school.

A very warm welcome to the team, Mechillen!