Interests and desires in our domain

The overview describes the interests, desires and potential value to us of the several homogenious groups (the domains) in the spectrum of St. Maarten

Interests and desires in our domain
SXM Firms SXM Companies SXM Foundations SXM Government SXM Population Pre- and post graduates UPG - Unleashed Potential Group

SXM Firms

The firms on the island, e.g. KPMG, BearingPoint, PWC, Deloitte, etc.

Main interests

  • Engagements
  • Quicker descisions at clients and prospects
  • Shortening the sales cycles
  • Social responsibility
  • Status
  • Utilization

SXM Companies

Companies and organizations on the island

Main interests

  • Do something good
  • Interest in professionalizing
  • Having a good name
  • Having fun in connecting people

SXM Foundations

Foundations and other non-profit organizations on the island

Main interests

  • Know how to get impact
  • Lesser dependencies of Government subsidies
  • Periodic activities
  • Clarity on how do we get our ideas across

SXM Government

The official and ruling Government on the island

Main interests

  • Diversity of the economy
  • Clarity on government programs
  • Keeping to the budgets
  • Increase government income

SXM Population

The population on the island

Main interests

  • Want to get things done
  • Clarity on the steps to take

Pre- and post graduates

The pre- and post graduates both in The Netherlands and on the island

Main interests

  • To get a job
  • To be taken serious
  • To work on the island
  • Financial stability
  • Change in Government behavior
  • Access to higher education without having to leave the island
  • Stable / cheap energy / alternative energy

UPG - Unleashed Potential Group

The group is developing itself quickly to facilitate cross all domains with applied value and knowledge to speed up developments in the social-economic arena.