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Why we chose to stay: Carlton Brooks

What is your background?

I have a background in electricity. Sterkstroom Installaties.

 What do you find the biggest reason is that people do not return to Sint Maarten?

Because there is slightly no future promised there and when they come back, mainly what they hear is that they are “overqualified” or “they don’t get paid.for what they are worth”. Therefore, they prefer to stay where they are where they feel more comfortable.  I think they feel more safe where they’re at, they have a safety net.

Do you feel  that way as well?

Yes, I do.

Do you feel that you may have a better and brighter future here than home?

No. I wouldn’t say that but I would say it’s difficult to do what you may want to do at home.

What do you want to focus on while in UPG?

 I would like to focus more on agriculture, creating certain events like sports, cultural events. For example, have booths and cookouts, where  people could set up their own tents and sell their food and stuff get to know their customers. It’s really to get something going and get the people together and talk about stuff. 

What goals have you made for yourself in UPG?

Right now, I am working with Denicio Wyatt with more agriculture and that is why I would like step into that field. I was thinking more along the line of the dump, but that dump situation is kind of out of hand for me to sit down and think up a plan for that. I would rather work on agriculture because no one is really looking and working on that field and I like agriculture also. So I was  “Hey, I like this better”.

How is that going working with Denicio?  

Well, he is willing to work with us, he is very willing to do whatever to make something happen. From talking with him and learning how he’s doing and having more information to help him lout in this situation..

How far have you gotten with in helping him?

Right now he is still going through the process of getting everything stabilized for him. So, right now that is basically what we are talking about. It’s really a back and forth right now with the government.

So right now, you are like a support system for him?

Yes, you could say that.

How do you think your background will  help you to accomplish the goals that you   have  set out for yourself in UPG?

Well seeing that electricity is my background, I have not thought about it like that. I would say one of my ideas were about the dump and having a nice recycling system but I would say more the agricultural side.

Then you would say that is more of your interest rather than your background that is in line with your goals you right now.?

Yes, you could that.

And what more do you want to do with your goals, apart from helping  Kenicio? Do you want to do something else with that or just some kind of support for the local on the ground?

I wouldn’t say some kind of support, I  would say, to pick it up. To bring something some new to the table of UPG. I want to work on agriculture. I don’t have something concrete at the moment, but I am busy brainstorming on that right now, something new.

What do you want others to know about UPG, if someone where to ask you?
I wouldn’t that say that’s a difficult question, I was talking to other members of UPG and I would say right now we are looking for our first gig! Our first way to do something. We want to do make a better St.Maarten, maybe we have layouts and plans  and having our own format of doing so. And I would say that has not happened as yet.

Why do you think that is?

Because no one gave us a chance for us to represent, you know. And that’s what I’ve been telling one of our members. I find that we have to have a product, we do have a plan and layouts, but we have to perform, we have to get something going. Let’s sign a contract and it’s like okay, we can handle this and then is when UPG  gotta represent. I can call and say “We can do this and that” but we have to get in there and I think that’s what we’re doing now. We’re finally making steps and we “knocking, knocking” and get “ no and no “ and now we finally getting some “yeses” to get an assignment on the table that we can perform.

At one point we weren’t getting projects, what if we create our own and then see what happens that way?  That’s also a possibility too! What do you think?

Hmm That’s true. What I was thinking for like having cultural events. For example, like how we approach the government up here, if we approach the gemeente up here with something like that  I think we would be most likely to get funded and sponsored for something cultural and bringing the people together.

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